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 Video Mystery Shopper - specialised and trained.
 Report Only Mystery Shopper - Generally local.
 Home Addressee - homeowner type evaluation.
 Telephone Mystery Shopper - from the home or office.
 Mailing Addressee - correspondance type evaluation.
 Email Mystery Shopper.
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 Report Based
 Covert Video Equipment
 Telephone Mystery Shopping

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  • Peformance in People Ltd may use your address or give your address to another mystery shopper to use as false details during a mystery shop evaluation. None of your other personal details, including your name, will be forwarded to another mystery shopper or used as part of any purchase, credit check or guarantee. You may be asked to receive and forward an item of post at your address. If so, you will recieve a gift voucher as payment.
  • Performance in People Ltd will continue to use your address for future visits, unless you request otherwise or inform us of a change of address.
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